I could NOT move on


Years have passed however, I am standing at the same crossroad where you deserted me.

I tried to move on going from one road to another
A journey full of indescribable misery and heartache
I kept looking for you everywhere  but you were never there.
I told myself that you can feel at least a bit of the agony that you put me in.
But I was wrong, you feel no emotions…you feel no pain

Time passed..days turned into months and now its been so many years
But i am still standing at the same place where you left me hurt and crying.
A place where every night is a nightmare and everyday it rains.
My heart is still bleeding & my mind has turned insane.

All i have learned is to hide my pain better then before.
I put on a mask everyday and act like I don’t care.
But i have still not learned …how to stop loving you
My love for you is painfully true.

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