Stuck in the Spindle

The pain of Loving you and losing you is unbearable,
You were never mine and I was never yours.
I do not know the name of the bond that we shared,
coz it was not a relation after all.

For you it was just friendship,
nothing less,nothing more.

On one end it was me,
dying every second in the extreme agony..
craving for you and loving you.

On the other end it was you,
making just ‘mistakes’..
you don’t have emotions after all.

This rejection is like a stone put over my chest,
I can’t breathe any more.

I know the pain is here to stay,
I can’t stop it, I can’t make it go
I can’t control thinking about you,
I love you every day ..every day little more.

I see you in my are in my thoughts,
Standing in the balcony ..walking down the road.
You killed my heart now come and kill my soul,
Coz I can’t take it any more.

Your memory rushes always in my mind.
Running all around, I am a spindle.
I try not to cry but my lips begins to tremble.

Your love rushes in my spine..rushes in my bones.
Just the thought of you is enough to give me spingles.

Your love rushes in my heart in my soul,
I feel it in myย toes..I feel it my fingers.

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