Not pretty enough?


Everyday She looks at her reflection in the mirror and asks herself  ” Am I not pretty enough for Him?”

People say she is pretty…they say that she has a heart of Gold.
But with every compliment there is this pain….pain of emptiness a never ending unfulfilled wish….
If only it was Him….

She long for that moment when He looks at her and thinks ‘WOW! She is Stunning’ and falls in love with her ❤

She will always love Him… she can do anything to hear him say that he Loves her more than anything in this world..
If only He could feel her pain”

She tries to walk past her sorrows ….he reminds her of his existence every now and then…and pulls her down..and she is back to circle one.
He walks all over her soul and smiles…and she willingly lets him do that…Over and over again
Over and over again.

This pretty face has no meaning if the person she dies for every moment.. doesn’t care.
There is no meaning to this reflection in everyone’s eyes if she is not beautiful enough for him .

But with all these thoughts clouding her mind.. she looks in her lonely eyes and smiles…..and she tells herself…
“It doesn’t matter….doesn’t matter anymore”

Perhaps Lord has better plans for her…

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