That Girl with the Broken wing Part-1

Many years ago in a town surrounded by hills……..there was a pretty girl, very young. There was a handsome guy who happened to live just nearby.

One day their eyes locked….everything around her, she forgot. It was love at first sight

She was a wild child and wanted someone to hold her down and love her not just because of her outer appearance but for who she was.

She was tired of guys going after her just for her looks and when she met him she finally came across someone who loved her beyond that.

When they first met she told Him her darkest of secrets and everything about to… she wanted to start an honest relationship… She wanted someone to accept her for who she was without trying to change herShe wanted to spend her life with him… She wanted a lover who loved her for what she really is

She wanted a best friend who would understand her and listen to her secrets and gossips without judging her…

They were poles apart and He was nothing like her perfect prince charming that she always fantasized.

But who cares about a perfect prince charming in real life all you want is a person who loves you perfectly with all your flaws and be by your side forever.

She was an innocent wild child with a crystal clear heart and He was the introvert coy guy.

She felt that it was hard for Him to believe that someone like her want to be with Him and every moment that She spent with Him, but she assured that she was not going anywhere.

After some time He started to try changing her and hold her on ground…. She felt strange that She thought He loved the whole her but shrugged off the feelings and concentrated on making sure to keep his smile

He knew that she always tried.

Her friends were surprised to see the new changes in her and she must admit they are still shocked that she actually did.

After they started to spend most of the times together and when she got a job… She realized that He started to feel insecure… that she has started to go out of his safe zone.

But that was not true.

She killed her social life at work by constantly being over the phone with Him.

She obviously made no friends and she started to fear not to offend Him.

She tried to share every bits and pieces of the times they spent apart while at work but He always ended up with a fight blaming She secretly enjoyed all the male attentions.

She felt hurt and violated… She felt that He has started to use the secrets that  She shared with Him against her….and with the tears  She shed every moment …her fears were actually true.

She started to blame herself…. She blamed herself for sharing everything and trusting her past with Him.

Isn’t it true that when they say  I love  You to someone they are saying ‘  I love  You for everything that makes the whole YOU’ ?

Then why do they have to point out everything that they feel is bad about them after the relationship blossoms and start a mission to change them?? None of it ever makes sense.

He hurt her so bad…..the tears that she shed….. He started to hit her body and her heart.

How can He do that to someone He everyday make love to and say I Love YOU…something that she would never understand??

She felt so alone …and it was herself that she always blamed.

She started to feel that the entire fault lays in her not Him.

No day passed…that His words did not break her heart… She always found herself crying on her way to work.

She was angry at him and more than that She was mad at herself for letting Him do this to Her.

This is when she made a friend and she started to forget the constant pain during the short time they used to spend.

She felt guilt…She felt bad… She discovered that it is the friend that she started to care.

But isn’t that a human nature to start a liking for someone who gives you peace for some time when you are so badly hurt?

His blame games increased …and the physical and emotion plain mixed with the guilt and the habit of blaming herself threw her into the black hole of depression out of which she never came back.

She was NEVER true self AGAIN

Every day was worse than the day before.

She quietly sobbed without saying a word of all the blame and pain that she used to go through….quietly saying in her head…. “If this is what makes him happy.”

She had a hope that one day he will have no insecurities about her…That one day he will be happy to be with all she is.

One day……….

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