Decisions follow us through our whole life


Very frequently in life there are times when we have to make some decisions…… decisions either to give it up or fight against it..or just to go with the flow…..

To really decide what exactly we should choose is really difficult and it is much difficult after we ponder over what life will turn out to be if we choose one of them.
Most often than not we wonder what if we really think that a particular right decision at this point of time would turn out to be a completely wrong one in the future.

There is a lot at stake when we have to choose because whatever is the outcome of that decision one thing is for sure..we will never be able to go back and turn the clock of time. Once its done it cannot be undone. That is because every fraction of second that goes by it goes to our past…with every ticking of the clock and beating of the heart.

We think that once we choose what we want or what we should do …we will get over with it once and for all.
But this is not the entire truth. Because even after we have made those decisions and are now living with the outcome of it we tend to create the moment every now and then in our mind.

We go back to that moment over and over again creating the perfect scenarios that is long been stored in our brain. We imagine ourselves choosing one over the other and we tend to imagine what happens if we do that ( actually, what might have happened, according to us, if we would have chosen a particular decision)

What is the solution?

Well! there is None!!

The only thing we can do is to realize that what we chose was the best that we thought we should do at that point of time in those circumstances.
We had choices and we selected some…..some turned out to be bad..and some very good…..there is no turning back….just to walk ahead and cherish every moment which is our ‘present’.

The only way is to accept ourselves and try not to be critical of ourselves.

Hating ourselves is anyways not going to change anything.

Decisions follow us through our whole life and we have a tendency to re-examine every issue.
We have the tendency to often become more critical of ourselves.

Those who tend to carry much baggage in their mind, memories and heart…..will find it weighs more with the passing of time.

Just let go of it.

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