You know what i wish…


You know what i wish ?????…well here is the list :

Every morning before you open your eyes.. I wish to be there in your dream smiling…

Every morning when you get up after the dream.. I wish to be the first thing in your mind
Then you just shake the thought of me and go on…

When you are listen to a sad love song…I wish that I come to your mind and you remember me smiling…laughing…crying..

Every day when you go to work… I wish that you feel the tap on your shoulder when you sit there working…. and when you look around then realize I came over to your mind one more time….

Every day when she kisses you …I wish to be the first thought that comes to your mind and before you shrug it off….

Everyday you lie on your bed… I wish to come to your mind and you remember the moment I was in your arms…

Every day  when you think of  me and shrug it off… I wish that you think about the reason why I come to your mind so often…..

I wish to be in your mind every moment….just like you are in my mind and memories


You know what i wish… ????

If I cannot be in your Life then I want to be imprinted in your mind and heart FOREVER.

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