Are you truly alive?

to catch a wind by -d24us57

Life is not exactly a bitch….we have a very interesting role in making it one…..

We think we can play with it…make fun of it…take it for granted…take up a challenge of screwing it up.

Well….duuH it obviously bites back.

Someone was damn right when they said.. “We are our own worst enemy.”
Sometimes we need to look at ourselves and be our own best friends…

I know not every thing that happens is in our control…but some are…make the best of it…

And before crying alone in your empty saying “No one understands me and no one loves me”


Ask yourself this :
“Do YOU know who YOU are? Do YOU understand what YOU are? Do YOU truely Love YOURSELF?”

How can you expect others to love you and How can you truly love others when you don’t even Love yourself!!

Loving thyself isn’t selfish…
Its a celebration of thy existence.

If you have troubles in life its not gonna be here forever…
“NOTHING is permanent in life ..NOT even misery.”

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