Still In Love


Every time you hurt me ..I promise myself that i will get you off my heart..
Everytime I get up i pray to God to make me little more stronger ..stronger enough to forget you..
Every night when i go back to sleep I think about all the bad things that you have done to me..about every moments of my emotions that you played around …I rememeber about every tears that i have shed for you..

When i walk down the street i wish that you just never cross my path again..
I wish that I never see your beutiful eyes that i get lost in and forget what is right and what is wrong.

But when ever I see you..I want to come close to you..when i come close to you i pray to God that you touch me..and make me feel alive again..and then you touch me I loose all control..I cross all the boundaries…that i set up for myself..I forget about all the numerous pain that you have inflicted to my soul just for a moment..the moment i am with you …when i can feel your breath…
You say that you are sorry and i forgive you …You hold me in your arms and promise that you will never hurt me again…You make me feel special all those moments..and Damn you do it again…you break my heart one more time…
When you leave leave me behind in the same miserable hell that I have been trying to climb out of all this time….Its me and my loneliness again…

I am one emotionally foolish girl who is just so hopelessly in love with you…only if you could understand…..

I Love You.

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