Thank You!



All those people who acted like they were my friends
but were never there when i needed help.

All those people who said that they will always love me & be by my side
but who left me feeling the most alone and abandoned person in the world …

All those people whom i loved and cared for
but who in return backstabbed me and used me…

All those so called ‘Best-Friends’ who said that I could always
trust them with my most dark secrets and emotions
but made me feel humiliated, naked, like a whore and a piece of Shit…

Because without all your help i would have NEVER realized
the stark reality of Life and without your help i
would have never known the REAL people in my life …

And Because without all your help I would have
NEVER found out that I can get up and smile back and do it

13_princess_bubblegum___free_icon___by_99_ottan-d58rme4 ©Princess Fiona Crystal *All rights reserved. Material not to be copied or distributed without permission

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