Crying…to right the wrong


One can’t always right the wrong …
leave behind your past…
because you can’t do much about it…
it hurts sometimes but regretting won’t change things..

Its no use crying over a broken heart…we should try to heal it instead…..

Don’t blame yourself for what has been done..because its a thing of the past..
and blaming is not going to make things better ..
it is only going to make you feel worse….

Its NOT our fault…
the decisions that we take in life is driven by the circumstances surrounding us at that time…
The feelings that we go through during those moments…
And we do it because we think that this is the best thing that we should do .

We chose the path that we walk on right now…
And this is the path we chose …made us happy at that time…

We had chosen it because we thought that this will make us happy.

If we know what our future is going to be based on the decisions that we take then…..
Of course none of us would want to choose the less happy one!

We decide the best for ourselves..the best that comes in our mind…and that is what we want to do at that point of time.

So, we should stop blaming ourselves..stop killing our soul for what we have done..
Because whats done is done…what we can do now is choose to be happy for what we have right now…

Count your blessings for what you have now…..
Because most people don’t even realize…..till the last moment of their life.

13_princess_bubblegum___free_icon___by_99_ottan-d58rme4 ©Princess Fiona Crystal *All rights reserved. Material not to be copied or distributed without permission

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