Sick and tired of so many random guy inboxing.

I haven’t put a privacy on inboxing for d people i know but are nt in my frnlist can contact me..ask fr help.

‘hey hottie/beautiful add me’,’hi how are u’,’can we be frnz’,’hey u r sexy’ some even inbox ‘hi! How is life’, some inbox describing that they look for fun and wnt to add me..some inbox that they looking fr true love…some send obscene stuff…and some even go to d extent of writing me their bio data…stating that dey want to marry me..

There are only 1 or 2 guys out of the hundreds that have written with respect and honesty..

I am sick and tired of d cheap and twisted Indian male mentality!!

Their thinking dat they can call anything to any gal who are not their sister..their thinking dat all girls are approachable and especially the girls who believe in themselves and who stand their ground..their thinking that its ok to talk obscene to any random gal coz as they donn know her that is all ok.

I am sick of disgusting Indian male mentality of the men who would never for a moment bear the fact dat their sister likes gals…they wud never accept any lesbian or bisexual gal in d society..and who think these gals have no character and they just want to be f**ked….but such is the hypocrisy of Indian men that they wud never respect lesbian or bi gals but the first thing that they will imagine is lesbian porn.

I am sick and tired of Indian men who think dat its ok to ask any gal who like gal and tell her that ‘i hv always fantasized of seeing two gals make love’!!

The gals you come across are just another gal like ur sister..they have character and morale too..they have parents,family and awesome brothers too..and if they like gals that is their orientation and that doesnot make them a slut or sm one who has no morale.

Don’t hurt us by behaving in such disgusting way..a gal who is not ur sister donn make her sm one who donn deserve respect or some one who has less morale.

We are someone’s sister,mother,wife,lover,granddaughter,niece and bestfriends too

You being a male doesn’t give you the right to say just anything..that gives a great amount of info on your upbringing by the way.

Mad @ Men,
Just another girl


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