I just can’t live without u


I just can’t live without u
m just longing for Ur love.
But u never say a word
But u never say a word

u were the love of my life
u were my best friend
& now we are apart …
it feels so strange

I had made u my world
Deeply I fall in love
I shared with you my feelings
But now there are tears all over

u are confused…
u keep on thinking
if u did love me
or u love me not

for u ..it was neither about if its right
nor was it about if its wrong
it was all about..
If u should love me
or u should not

One day u said u love me
very next day..u said that we are just friends
Never ever u realized..
U were mocking my thoughts
N u were playing with my feelings.

Everything is clearly imprinted in my mind
The cloud came together and then the sky turned grey
I was standing in the balconey
little drop of rain was falling over my face
& then u came..

How can i forget what you wore that day
Suddenly I touched you
& then all the Hell broke..

I was never the same after that
U made me feel guilty
& u moved away…
I still have that question.
was that all my fault??

U left my in tears..
u left me in Pain..
Never ever u realized..
U have set me up in flames

I was so alone
I am still so lonely
there is no one to understand me ..
& i don’t want anything else

As if u give a damn..
& why will u ever care
I guess Those were my feelings
I shouldn’t have ever shared.

Something has died inside me ..
& i Feel so numb
No one can ever ease my pain..
they can only make fun.

© Princess Fiona Crystal
*All rights reserved. Material not to be copied or distributed without permission.*