Once i was alive &
I wished to live life..
I used to have fun
from my pain i never used to run.

I used to care about me so much
& i used to love myself so much
I used to trust everyone a lot..
& i used to live every moment & every thought

I had a lot of dreams
To do this &
to do that thing

Then slowly i became so alone
No one understood me.
Yeah! not even a single one!!

Suddenly i saw grey clouds
& the weather turned all Gloomy
the lightening sounded so loud!!

i didn’t even realize
& right before my eyes
It went so dark..
& Then the lamp went off..

To save myself from darkness
I forgot i always feared…
The Ghost of guilt n regrets..

I was so foolish
I thought i was saving myself
& i started running down the Hill..

then i fell & got my heart broken into pieces
the pain was so unbearable
then i went all numb

to get my mind off from my wound
I closed my eyes tight
When i got up i realized
I was not the same
& nothing was fine

I tried to Get up
I tried to act Brave
But i suddenly realized
I was lying beside a Grave

I tried to read the grave stone
& on it this was craved..
“The One That  i once Was”
may her soul rest in peace

Shiver ran Down my spine
when i realized
the one lying beneath it
was no one but me!!

Then i looked around
There were other graves as well..
All of them read..
Welcome to the numb but painful

© Princess Fiona Crystal
*All rights reserved. Material not to be copied or distributed without permission.*