I forgive you but….


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You have inflicted so much pain to my soul..the wound in my heart never heals thanks to the memories you pinned me with..but still my heads high and I FORGIVE YOU…but
That doesn’t mean that you won’t burn in hell 😉

Isn’t it right…we should forgive our sinners to make the road to recovery smooth..otherwise we will be burning with hate and pain..once we forgive we leave hate behind and take with us painful memories and a wounded heart..that keeps hurting itself with those haunting  memories every once in a while..our hate for them turns into self-pity and of course pity for them because they stabbed someone who loved them so much…also forgiveness gives us our much required confidence back…and in that process we come out as a much mature person.

But all this time we cry in front of our god and ask ‘WHY ?’. What did I do to deserve this? All I did was to love!!

No matter we forgive them or not but those people need to be punished for what they did to us so that they won’t do this again to someone else.

Thats why they should BURN in HELL.

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