The empty SPACES


Everyone of us have gloomy moments…when you jump from one thought to another ….then there is always a space in between those thoughts that leaves you feeling lonely & depressed….especially those who have had bad experiences…in their life before….those spaces haunts you back with those bitter memories.

And who has not had a single bad experience….a single heart broken moment…a single day when you just spent with your loneliness….some crying & some just sitting there alone & numb ?
Every one of us ….& that is what makes us so human …

We need to learn how to fill those spaces up as quickly as we realize  that we are there ….
This is when …your hobbies come to your rescue….sometimes its the music..happy & loud…sometimes its jotting down the feelings or painting…for people like me who love to write and express themselves…sometimes…its just closing your eyes & take a deep breath and get ready to be occupied with other happy thoughts…

You should think about how lucky you are with just these ordinary issues….and the good experiences & lessons that it has tough you to be who you are ….

Imagine…you few years back..and what you are now..i know you will not be the same innocent person ..but you will realize that in that process you came out to be a stronger & better you.

You deserve to smile…head held high….& a bright eye towards the future 🙂

© Princess Fiona Crystal
*All rights reserved. Material not to be copied or distributed without permissionImage.*