Sorry will NOT be enough


How can someone be so indifferent..
How can someone be so heartless…Probably they do not feel any pain…
or Probably they have never gone through the trauma of rejection..
rejection from the person whom they love the most..
rejection from the person they have given their all
Probably..they have never felt the taste of love..
Probably they do not have a heart at all..
Probably they have never experienced how it feels to be broken..
How can someone be so insensitive..
Can’t they feel any pain.
Can’t they have any compassion …..
Don’t they fear the karma…
We trust them…and they break us…………..
And they think just a sorry would be enough…
It wonโ€™t mend..our broken self…
Or maybe they feel the same way as we feel for them.,…
the same gush of blood floods through their heart so fast …
every time they hold our hand..
but maybe they are too coward…
maybe or may be not
Who knows..

ยฉ Princess Fiona Crystal

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