This Love – Letters from HIM

There is not a day when I donโ€™t think of you and all of what you say, Though you are far away, but not too far from my heart, You not only take my breath away but stole my soul too I could forget you.. but I chose not to You showed me what love [...]

Just Live

Don't be part of the crowd. Lead the crowd. If crowd gives you headache. Leave. Don't stay at a place. Walk. Just walk alone. The right people will follow. You don't have to be a part of anything that doesn't make you happy. Besides you will explore more and see lots if you are at [...]

A Perfect Silence

"There is a beautiful silence before every storm. A perfect life is accompanied by the constant fear of it coming to an end. You constantly question its existence because it is so Surreal. It is like a beautiful dream. You love it so much but you dread waking up, afraid to break that unexplained connection. [...]

Some days I want to run away….

Some days I want to run away.... Run away from everything and go to a different place.... A place where people will not longerย judge me by my mistakes A place where people will no longer remind me of the pain... A pain of what I once had.. A pain for what I once was.. A [...]

Sometimes its NOT right

Sometimes we have to stop running after people we love because they are the people who have hurt us the most. Sometimes we have to stop following our heart and let our mind lead us.. Sometimes we have to learn to stop caring about people who never gave a damn about us. Sometimes we have [...]


"Kitni baatein yaad aati hain tasveerein si banjati hain.. kaise main isnhe bhulun dilko kya samjhaun ?" Sometimes, there are moments when there is a smile on your face when you feel like crying.... Sometimes you have no other option but to act like you are okay... I always longed to be with You more [...]