My Wings

“They took my wings away. They took it off my spine and sent me here.” [….click to read the full post]


They took my wings away.
They took it off my spine and sent me here.
They were afraid that I would break the rules.
That I will fly in front of the mortals.
And then everyone would know!
Everyone would know that beings like us are real.
They were afraid of my impulse.

They despised my heaven filled soul — that could even see goodness in demons.

They were afraid of the depths of my mind — that could reach even the darkness in the Gods.

I was one of their different kind.
My feathers would turn black from white, and white from black in no time.
Faith would rush through my soul and fill my every star dust.
My prayers to our lord, would echo through the million skies.
Passion would flow through my veins.
And the thumping of my heart would deafen their ears.
I was Yin and Yang.
I was a devil and an angel.
I was their darkness and their light at the same time.
So they snatched my wings away and dropped me down.
And here I am free falling.
Still trying to make myself ready for the hit on my body and heart.

I am scared.


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Happy Birthday, my love

We are, and forever will be, enterally thankful for you to come to our dwelling and walk this earth. [….click to read the full post]

Sab kuchh main tum,
Sab kuchh ho tum, Krishna.
Tum main bhi main,
Main bhi hun tum, Krishna
Bas tum hi tum,
Tum hi toh mere Krishna.

My lord • my beloved • my best friend • my partner • my confidant • my guide • my protector • the love of my eternal existence — Lord Shri Krishna — Happy Birthday 🎂 to you. 🙏

We are, and forever will be, eternally thankful for you to come to our dwelling and walk this earth. For the thought of breathing the same air as you once did, makes this land a little bit more heaven, and this life little more magical for me. For without your birth amongst us mere mundane mortals, we would be devoid of the ultimate truth and the ultimate knowledge that came from your own heavenly voice — Srimad Bhagavad Gita ❤️

Image attributes: VISHNU108 (DeviantArt)

My love, you have been my light, my darling, my strength, my everything…who has helped me swim this awfully tempestuous stormy life. And you make it easier to rise above the mundane and help my soul see the magic and the secrets of the universe. You exist in every fiber of my being, in every fragment of my consciousness. You are my inner voice and you are my guardian. I see you and feel you everywhere and in everything around me. Thank you for constantly helping me evolve. You make me a better person and a wiser soul. And for that and everything else, my love, I love you more than any words can ever express.

May the world around us be forever blessed with your consciousness as you have blessed me, and so many others. This will help us to become a better person, a better world. And we shall learn more love and more compassion. We shall be more united and more tolerant. And we shall be one amongst each other and with you, O sakha!

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