Bleeding Whiskey

"Water filling her lungs. Dying is no fun!"

An adventurous ride

You can't always get what u want but you can work hard to perfect what you get. Live your life with no regrets. You are lucky to get what you have right now. Most people can't even get that close. You deserve to be happy and content. Whats gone is now a past. Remember we [...]

Dead Inside?

  For the most of us a part of us inside is Dead. No happiness. No Color. Just want this pain to be over. Tired of people. Tired of Life. Tired of fake smiles. Tired of everything. Everything looks dull. Everything looks lifeless, just like how we are feeling inside. Dead. But what we do [...]

Tear stains

She walks in the midnight under the shadows of her past. It was good, the memories, till they last Bathed in the moonlightโ€ฆeverything looks cold Just like her soulโ€ฆjust like her soul Memories floods her head ..and she drowns She soothes her sobs and looks if someone is around She walks and walks but donโ€™t [...]

A Perfect Silence

"There is a beautiful silence before every storm. A perfect life is accompanied by the constant fear of it coming to an end. You constantly question its existence because it is so Surreal. It is like a beautiful dream. You love it so much but you dread waking up, afraid to break that unexplained connection. [...]

And people ask why I write of heartbreaks.

You were my Devil dancing in the brightness, You were the Angel breaking through my darkness. If loving you was a sin, Then I would have happily died a sinner. You were the apple in my garden of Eden! You charmed my heart like Eve was charmed by the snake You never give But you [...]