If You Can’t Stand Me…KNEEL

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If You Can’t Stand Me…KNEEL


How would you feel if you loved something so badly that it kills you inside but you can never have it? How would you feel if you loved someone so badly that it kills you inside, and yet you can never have them?

Every breakdown was just a step forward into your becoming. Once you acknowledge your experience, you will experience the true knowledge.

Be that unattainable being, that those who don’t meet your standards can only crave, pang for, lose their mind over and yet….and yet they can never have. ❤ Never lower you standards, never destroy your boundaries — the worthy will find you, and will have the honour of knowing you, the whole of you.

If they can’t stand you — they should kneel. Don’t lower your standards to seek their acceptance. Let them learn to rise up. Don’t break yourself in bite size pieces for others. If they cannot bear the whole of you…the good, the bad, the chaos, the dream —  then let them choke.

Darling, you deserve greatness and devotion, not mediocrity. 👑

Darling, may you be brave enough to not look back.

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