Dear Best Friend

‘Dear Best Friend : An ode to our Best Friends/Soulmates’ ❤

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Our love is timeless, pious and pristine.
Our souls have traveled in all the different directions
and dimensions of this universe.


When the load is too heavy and we fall down,
We have picked each other up every single time.

You have loved me without judgement.
You have accepted and embraced every fraction of me.
The good, bad and the ugly.
Even the parts that would make others cringe.

You have wept with me and wiped my tears.
You have laughed with me, hysterical and shed tears of joy.
When we are together every trace of despair fades away,
replaced with strokes of bliss and joy.

My best friend, my partner in crime…

I love you.

I love you and I will be eternity grateful
to the universe for having you as my soul mate. ❤️💕


© Fiona Crystal • 📆 7th Aug, ’16 • ⌚ 12: 48 P.M.

“A friend is not the shadow that mimics you, but the one who casts all shadows away.” ― Shannon L. Alder

vines-mobileCreativity is spontaneous. Writing is personal & emotional. Every piece is close to my heart. So help spread the word. Thank You! 😊

9 thoughts on “Dear Best Friend

  1. I enjoyed reading this poem, such talented way to decribe your best friend. It touches my heart deeply after reading this. -> this is my favorite part ” You have wept with me and wiped my tears.”
    Looking forward for more good creative from you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What beautiful words Fiona. Really so incredibly special. Best friends are one of the true treasures we find on our life journey


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