"LOVE: It's not easy, but then one said it'd be."

It’s Not Me, It’s You.

"It's Not Me, It's You. And all that hate must be eating at your soul!" [โ€ฆ.click to read the full post]

Atal Raho, Atal Bano : Stay resolute, Be resolute

"Finally free. Into the universe spinning endless poetry that can now be heard by more worlds." -- The legend who inspired me to hold the pen and make it sing. โค

INDIA ! Legend and History

INDIA! The worldโ€™s largest, oldest, continuous civilization and her legend and history. Learn fascinating facts about the Indian Culture, History, Science, Yoga, Hinduism & so much more!!

Dear Best Friend

'Dear Best Friend : An ode to our Best Friends/Soulmates' <3

What have I done!

And I cant stop feeling this pain! [ to read the full post]