You, my Love


You, my love

You are not alone.. I am not alone.. You are with me. You are inside my head, in my memories. You are in my heart, it calls your name with every beat. You are on my skin, your touch all over me. You are on my lips, the dew of your kiss still fresh. You are in the air, you are all around me. Even when you are far away, you surround me. You are everywhere.

I am with you. Inside your mind. Inside your heart. On your skin. On your lips. On your fingers. Around you. I surround you. I am everywhere. Feel me.
Distance doesn’t matter much when two hearts are actually one.
Home is not a living place made of bricks and doors. It is a feeling. A serenading feeling of perfect ease, peace and absolute bliss.
You and I
We are Home.
Together. Forever.
Our meeting was not just a fluke. We are destined to love each other in every life with absolute cataclysmic totality.
I do not need to think about you to miss you.
Every nucleus.. Every cell.. Every fraction of my being longs for you..seeks for you.. craves for you…
I love you.. And it is still not enough..
It is still not enough because the force that I feel towards you is much more deeper, much greater than just simple love.
More pure.. More intense..
Words are just not enough.



fiona_3.png ©Princess Fiona Crystal *All rights reserved. The Material not to be copied or distributed without permission


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