The Perfect Trance


It is like the most natural thing in the world for me..
To look into each other’s mind with just our eyes…our souls mating.
To feel your skin rubbing against mine…our bodies touching.
Your lips on me…our mouths kissing.
And your length inside of me…completing me

You kiss me and i turn into a lava of molten hot liquid, my legs turns into jelly, my heart thumping in my ears…my breath fastens and a moan escapes my throat.
How can two different being dance in one perfect rhythm and become one single perfect being in existence!

Devour each other like two eternally hungry beings. Wild and sweet. Fast and slow. Bite and blow soft kisses.
I have been waiting for you since eternity.

Love me into exhaustion.
Let my heart beat accelerate and my soul burst into bazillion particles of light.
Lift me up to the sky and make me see heaven.
Let the word around me fade in a mistful haze.

Let me feel that absolute bliss and let that happy tear escape down my eye.
Darling, Love me into perfect trance.
Love me and don’t stop. Because baby you feel like coming home.


fiona_3.png ©Princess Fiona Crystal *All rights reserved. The Material not to be copied or distributed without permission


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