Do you mean ‘Love’ ?

"I Love You" A lot of us say this to people but do we always truly mean it? Its so easy to say I love you to someone...but only how you treat them does it really prove if you truly love them or not. When you stand by them when they need someone and wipe [...]

You will Rise and Fly

If you doubt your wings, you will never fly. Why are you afraid of failures! Don't assume that you won't be able to. How will you know if you don't try? You will Dream. You will Rise. You will Fall. You will rise AGAIN. You will touch the sky , because you can. Because you [...]

A Pretentious life

I don't know what loving just a bit is...Coz when i love someone i love like crazy. Like moving-mountains crazy. I donno what faking emotions is..Coz I either donn feel anything or my emotions are absolutely raw. Like getting-goosebumps raw. I donno how to pretend to be in love...Coz my feelings are pure. I know [...]

Just Live

Don't be part of the crowd. Lead the crowd. If crowd gives you headache. Leave. Don't stay at a place. Walk. Just walk alone. The right people will follow. You don't have to be a part of anything that doesn't make you happy. Besides you will explore more and see lots if you are at [...]

Tear stains

She walks in the midnight under the shadows of her past. It was good, the memories, till they last Bathed in the moonlightโ€ฆeverything looks cold Just like her soulโ€ฆjust like her soul Memories floods her head ..and she drowns She soothes her sobs and looks if someone is around She walks and walks but donโ€™t [...]

Catch me

You know whats crazy? There is this man FAR FAR away. And I am crazy for him. Absolutely CRAZY! He makes me question my life. Makes me questions my choices.ย He makes me want to walk out of my comfort zone and embrace challenges. He makes me want to open my wings and fly. He makes [...]