Some relationships can’t be defined

Some relationships in life are not meant to be Defined. They do not follow the rules of the society. They just follow the pull of each other's soul. The connection, unmistakable. The emotions absolutely raw. It feels like coming home. Theyย just make sense. Theyย just happen. They are felt in the heart. Pieces of puzzleย fit together [...]


I am Everything

I am sweet and sour, I am wild and serene. I am the wings of the birds, I am the roots of the trees. I am the carnations and the petunias adorning your garden, I am the wild flowers in the forest growing near a hot spring. I am the thorns of the roses, I [...]

And people ask why I write of heartbreaks.

You were my Devil dancing in the brightness, You were the Angel breaking through my darkness. If loving you was a sin, Then I would have happily died a sinner. You were the apple in my garden of Eden! You charmed my heart like Eve was charmed by the snake You never give But you [...]


No hope. No happiness. No love. Too much hate & poison in this devastatingly beautiful world.

Women’s Day : Today and Everyday

"The story of women's struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to any one organization but to the collective efforts of all who care about human rights" -Gloria Steinem ~To the woman who makes her home alive with her cheerfulness, naughty behavior and cuteness, teases her brother, makes her motherย smile and wraps her [...]