Thank You!

  All those people who acted like they were my friends but were never there when i needed help. THANK YOU All those people who said that they will always love me & be by my side but who left me feeling the most alone and abandoned person in the world ... THANK YOU. All [...]

Crying…to right the wrong

One can't always right the wrong ... leave behind your past... because you can't do much about it... it hurts sometimes but regretting won't change things.. Its no use crying over a broken heart...we should try to heal it instead..... Don't blame yourself for what has been done..because its a thing of the past.. and [...]

When it Rains

Rain has always been one of the best thing that happens to me every year but now.. Along with the happiness..i also feel so pathetic... Whenever it rains...comes back the pain... Since you broke my heart i have never been the same. When the grey cloud starts to cover the sky..My heart starts beating so [...]

See you in Hell

Dear Haters,Who gave you the right to tell who should marry whom???You got NO right to interferein somebody's personal business.What are you talking about ?? BIBLE !!! OH ! AS IF YOU HAVE NEVER SINNED !!! such hypocrisy!'If', according to you, they go to hell...then i am sure...they will meet you burning down there too...How [...]

Kya se Kya huein

Kabhi kabi humaare zindagi main aise gam hotein hain jinhe kisiko bayan nahi kar saktein.. Kyonki hum jaantein hain ki in dard ki gehraion ko aur koi nahi samajh sakta humaare alaawa.. Kabhi kabhi humein andhere main rona parta hai is dar se ki kahi apna hi aks humein rota hua na dekhle... Dartein hai [...]


Sick and tired of so many random guy inboxing. I haven't put a privacy on inboxing for d people i know but are nt in my frnlist can contact me..ask fr help. 'hey hottie/beautiful add me','hi how are u','can we be frnz','hey u r sexy' some even inbox 'hi! How is life', some inbox describing [...]