DEAD PEOPLE LIKE ME! Once i was alive & I wished to live life.. I used to have fun from my pain i never used to run. I used to care about me so much & i used to love myself so much I used to trust everyone a lot.. & i used to live every moment & every thought I [...]


It’s hurting ten times more

When the only thing wanted to hear….after all the pain……suddenly becomes the reason….to make you so damn depressed again….making you remember…something happened……and you just can’t let go of the pain……all you want is to cry so damn hard….and just share your every burden…..with the person…..from where it started….. But then you stop….and walk past [...]

I just can’t live without u

I just can’t live without u m just longing for Ur love. But u never say a word But u never say a word u were the love of my life u were my best friend & now we are apart … it feels so strange I had made u my world Deeply I fall [...]

November night

November night From the book MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING It wasn’t raining yet But it was definitely misty on that warm November night And my heart was pounding My inner voice resounding Begging me to turn away But I just had to see your face To feel alive And then you casually walked in the [...]

Tears in my eyes

Tears in my eyes… Pain in my heart…. As the time Flies…. We move apart… No matter how hard i try… To get u out of my mind… I close my eyes… n i see u inside…. I get up…and....Tears in my eyes © Princess Fiona Crystal *All rights reserved. Material not to be copied [...]

My fault??

“I wish someone could tell My heart full of pain My fault was that i loved And they are dragging me to hell.” © Princess Fiona Crystal *All rights reserved. Material not to be copied or distributed without permission.*