I do not regret

I do not regret the things that i have done because that is what i wanted to do at that time…

I just feel bad about the decisions that didn’t go the way i had thought they would , but then life is so unpredictable.

Good or bad whatever it is I will have to accept it because that was my decision after all.

If I have to go through the bad times or the good times because of the path that I choose then I would deserve whatever I get because that is my karma and no one would be responsible for that. I wouldn’t have anyone else to blame at . I would lead the life that I have chosen consciously or unconsciously all through the good decisions and the bad.

I have learned through my bad decisions and have smiled through the good ones….

And at the end of the day when I breath my last moment ……I will smile through my pain .

And those decisions have made me what I am today. Through pain and experiences I stand strong like a diamond with all the painfully beautiful cuts.

I would never shine without the good and bad experiences that I deserve  because of  the path that I decide to choose

At least i tried…….at least I did what I wanted to do .

© Princess Fiona Crystal

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